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Modern and Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Dads

It’s that time again…Holiday gift guides are about to fall from the sky all over the place. And that’s why we’re sharing some modern and unique holiday gift ideas for dads today. You can certainly expect to see plenty more gift guides coming down the pike from us soon. But now seems like the right time to share our very first gift guide of the year don’t you think? I know Thanksgiving hasn’t quite arrived, but I’m in full on holiday mode over here.

This time we’re going to start our holiday fun with the fellas. That’s right. Let’s talk about dads. Those guys of ours can be tough to buy for sometimes. Well, never fear. We’re going to share some modern and unique holiday gift ideas for dads that should cover most every kinda dad. I’m talking about the duds lovin’ dude, the tech aficionado and even the manscaper…Yep, we have gifts for them all! So, let’s focus on how we’re going to put something different under the tree this year shall we?

Modern and Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Dads

zenni blue blockers

The glasses…So your hubs doesn’t wear specs. That’s ok. These Zenni glasses aren’t prescription lenses. They’re blue blockers mean to protect your eyes from the blue light of screens If your honey tends to work long hours on his laptop these glasses could save him from unnecessary headaches and whatnot. They’re worn just like regular glasses to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted digital devices emit, along with artificial fluorescent and LED light exposure. I may just have to borrow them myself. I’m totally guilty of doing some holiday shopping from my iPad late at night. I mean who isn’t? And you can turn to Zenni for your prescription glasses and sunglasses needs too. With prices starting at just $6.95 for single-vision prescription glasses, you can score dad more than one pair! Say hello to trendy, not spendy eye wear options!

aftershokz headphones

The headphones…If your significant other is into running as much as mine is, he’s going to go crazy for these wireless headphones. They’re organically designed to sit in front of the ears so you can hear cars and ambulances etc. It’s a much safer way to work out! Plus, they’re super light and comfortable. And they don’t have to be relegated to exercise. They’re great for everyday wear too. My honey likes to listen to classical music while he cooks for instance. Yeah, it’s as cute as it sounds.

And you can help spread some more holiday cheer with the AfterShokz headphones #GiveGoodVibes campaign. On Black Friday, they’ll be offering a discount on Trekz Air, PLUS a buy one GIFT ONE deal. With every order of Trekz Air placed through from November 23 to November 26, you’ll also receive one free Trekz Titanium as an unboxed Trekz Titanium (while supplies last) to gift to someone you love! Share your gifting experience and encourage others to join the fun by sharing your story with the hashtag #GiveGoodVibes!

More Holiday Gift Ideas for Dads

knit tie

The tie…Ok, here me out. I know it doesn’t get much more cliché than a tie, but this isn’t your ordinary old tie. This sweater style knit tie from makes the tie gift so much more interesting and it’s a fun way to dress up an every day button down without getting too formal with it. Actually, I think this navy blue Swiss stripe tie would be perfect for date night! Hey look at that, I gave your hubs a reason to take you out. Bwah! And since makes it super easy to find on trends, budget friendly ties, he’ll have no reason to not put plenty more date nights on the books. He’ll be the best dressed guy on the block. You’re welcome! And you can use this code to save on your shopping: TIESXBB for 15% off from now until 12/31/18.

The shoes…If my man candy likes anything it’s to be comfortable. He’s the kinda dude that would rather see me in kicks than sky heel heels because they slow me down. No joke. And he takes the same approach to his own wardrobe. So, these NIKOLA sneakers with the built in comfort that Dr. Scholl’s can provide are right up his alley. They have a cool, modern vibe without sacrificing the comfort factor thanks to their glove-like softness, translucent soles and marble print accents! Use code Babblebox20FS for 20% off + Free Shipping *Exclusions apply. May not be combined with other offers. Not valid on previous purchases. Free ground shipping applied automatically during checkout and is not valid in Alaska or Hawaii. Promo code and free shipping expires 11:59 p.m. CT November 30, 2018. 

Even More Holiday Gift Ideas for Dads

charcoal face mask

The face mask…If you had asked me if I saw my hubs using skincare product once upon a time I would have said no way. Fast forward over a decade together and thanks to me he recognizes how much better his skin feels with a little TLC. This Beau Brummell charcoal face mask (the original gentleman) is just the thing to tuck in his stocking. Now we can rock our face masks and watch reality TV together. Well, that might be taking it a step too far. Haha! But using a face mask for men that has the power to detoxify, remove oil and tighten the skin the minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is definitely worth a few minutes of his day! Don’t forge to use coupon code ‘BEAU15BRUMMELL’ for 15% off your total purchase at Offer valid through January 31st, 2019 at 11:59 pm EST.

Bonus Holiday Inspiration

Now that you have plenty of modern and unique holiday gift ideas for dads, why not check out another way to treat him this holiday season? Our peppermint chocolate chip boozy milkshake is pretty darn delish!

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