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Easy DIY Halloween Snack Cups

Yes, you read that right. I’m sharing easy DIY Halloween snack cups in June. Let me explain myself. I’ve decided that this upcoming school year I’m going to be more on the ball. I’m SO happy with our kids’ new school, we moved last summer in case you hadn’t heard, and I want to get even more involved over there if I can. That being said, I’m a busy working mom, so I don’t have a ton of extra time on my hands. I think if I go into the school year with some classroom treat ideas and whatnot, however, I won’t be as harried when the time comes. And I thought you all might like to get ahead of the game too, so I’m going to start my “let’s be prepared” share fest with the easy DIY Halloween snack cups I mentioned!

Now I know not everyone can go the Halloween route at schools. So, if Halloween themed classroom treats are a no no, you could always give them to trick or treaters or throw them in Halloween party goody bags! One of my favorite parties that my mom ever threw for my friends was a Halloween party. I would love to recreate that magic for my own kids this year. And since I care about their parents, I’ll try to throw some healthy treats in with the candy. Bwah! Speaking of parties…You just might want to try out this super cute Halloween manicure. You would certainly look like the hostess with the mostess, but I digress…

Halloween Snack Cups

halloween snack cups directions


12 Individual Orange flavored Jello cups (you could use mandarin oranges)
2 Pieces Black construction paper
Hot glue gun

easy diy halloween snack cups


Cut out desired shapes for Jack-O-Lantern faces; 2 eyes, nose, mouth.
(I made a variety then had fun combining them to make different faces, but you could make them all the same)
Hot glue the pieces on to the top of the individual Jello cups.
Share and enjoy!

halloween snack cups

* Hack alert…You can forgo the glue gun and just draw the Jack-O-Lantern faces on your Halloween Snack cups with a Sharpie if you have a steady hand. I’m not the best at drawing, but I would totally farm this out to my sister who has both prettier penmanship AND drawing skills. Just sayin’.

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