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Easy Unicorn Craft for Kids

Who could use an easy unicorn craft for kids? Well, a rainbow unicorn craft to be exact. I mean who doesn’t love unicorns and rainbows? This mama sure does and so does my craft lovin’ little lady. On a side note, that’s why we LOVE this unicorn night light, but I digress…Being that it’s been pouring here in the our neck of the woods the past couple of weeks, I can use all the new craft ideas I can get! My daughter is an absolute ball of energy and she’s been going bonkers being cooped up inside. And that is why, my dear friends, I’ve been working overtime looking for fun new craft ideas for her. If I can keep her busy for even just one hour, that’s another hour I have to work, drink a cup of coffee, shower…You know, the good stuff. Haha!

Easy Unicorn Craft for Kids

unicorn craft supplies


Colored craft papers – 7 colors of the rainbow and pink
White stationary paper
Craft glue
Black pen or marker


unicorn craft step 1

1. Take your colored craft papers and white stationary paper and trace the patterns from the easy unicorn craft template on the selected paper. Once finished, cut out the traced portions.

unicorn craft step 2

2. Take the 2 flower patterns and glue them together criss-cross wise; similarly prepare 2 more flower patterns. Take any one of the inner ear patterns and glue it on the outer ear pattern; similarly prepare the other pair of ears.

unicorn craft step 3

3. Take the oval pattern (unicorn head) and use a black inked pen or marker to draw unicorn’s face.

unicorn craft step 4

4. Glue the horn and 2 ears, on both sides of the horns, at the back side of the unicorn head.

unicorn craft step 5

5. Take the 2 pink heart patterns and glue them on both cheeks of the unicorn’s head. Next, glue the flower patterns along the top side of the unicorn head; right below the horn and ears.

unicorn craft step 6

6. Flip the unicorn head to the other side and place it on a flat surface. Arrange the 7 rainbow colored strips from opposite direction (starting from red).

unicorn craft step 7

7. Start gluing the cut out rainbow strips along the bottom side of the unicorn head’s back side in shown order (purple, blue, sky blue, green, yellow, orange and red).

easy unicorn craft for kids

More Kid Craft Inspiration

Now that you’ve seen how to make this easy unicorn craft for kids, for even more easy craft ideas for kids, check out our pine cone bird feeder and DIY squeeze pouch caps game. We’re here to help you keep that whining at bay. Bwah!

And don’t forget to download the template for this craft HERE!

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