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Fall Prep with Shopbop

I can hardly believe I’m typing this but it’s time for fall prep. With school starting and September here, fall is just about it the air. Sure I’ll still be wearing my sandals and shorts for a few more weeks but now is the time for the closet clean out session and to do a little fall prep with Shopbop. We love online shopping and this site is great for finding my favorite fashion staples!

Fall Prep with Shopbop

At this point, I rarely need to do an entire closet overhaul. There were years where that was needed but right now, it’s more of an edit. And there is no better time to take a step back and evaluate your wardrobe then in fall. For one, the kids are quite literally occupied (thank you teachers!). Even if you work out of the house it’s a great time to take a morning off and give you and your closet some self-care. Don’t you just love when I thrown in a buzz word like that?!

As I step back and evaluate my own wardrobe it’s time to give myself some real talk. Here’s what it sounds like, “Meg, you need to wear more of your fun jeans and maybe add a pair with a slight high rise boot-cut. And Meg, I know you loved those blouses but 5 years later they are looking tired. Those two pairs of yoga pants, yeah girl cut the cord and let em’ go.” Ha!

Fall Prep with Shopbop

And now that I’m looking to do some fall prep with Shopbop here are some must-haves that are due for updating in my own closet.

Hunter Boots
I have one pair of celery Hunter Boots that are at least eight years old. They are due for an update and I’m loving these below!

Bootcut Jeans
I’ve loved my distressed skinnies. Still do! But it would look nice to branch out a bit and these Hudson jeans in boot-cut would be a great addition.

I love a good chunky sweater cardigan. They add a cute layer and keep me feeling cozy at my desk. I’ve got my eye on this Madewell cardigan. Anything that can take me from the bus stop to a meeting #amiright?!

Wrap Dress
Every girl could use a great wrap dress. The kind that work for virtually every event and meeting without a second thought. Frankly after years on my literal back my old ones are falling apart. This one looks great and would travel well.

I’ve had the same wallet for so long and it’s looking tired. I’m crushing on this Tory Burch wallet.

So those are my strategic fall wardrobe updates with Shopbop. Here’s to fighting the frump and editing that closet with care!

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