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The Beauty In #PinkPower

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Neutrogena has long been a brand that I’ve turned to for skincare. I’ve regularly used their products when I’ve had breakouts and LOVE their cleansing wipes. I don’t travel without them tucked into my cosmetics bag! I also make sure to wash my face with cleanser or a cleansing wipe as soon as I finish a workout. It’s easy to get side tracked and forget this step, but washing away my sweat is so key to me staying acne free and looking my best.

The Beauty In #PinkPower


So, I was elated to hear that right now through September 10th, Rite Aid will donate $5 to Susan G. Komen for every purchase of two Neutrogena products from the Pink Grapefruit Collection. The donation is to help support Susan G. Komen’s bold goal of reducing the number of breast cancer deaths in the U.S. by half by 2026. Now this is something we can all cheer for!

Neutrogena Grapefruit Collection

Both Kristin and I have had close personal experiences with breast cancer. We’ve both watched and cried with close family friends who battled this terrible cancer. Watching helplessly on the sidelines as your friends and family undergo treatments, experience mastectomies, and work to still raise their children all while doing their best to remain positive is enough to bring you to your knees. We’re thrilled to do anything we can do to help bring awareness and support to this cause is important to us.

Neutrogena Body Wash

Neutrogena’s Pink Grapefruit Collection

Truly, the Rite Aid donation for every two purchases of the Neutrogena’s Pink Grapefruit Collection is just an awesome addition. I already love these products so it’s the perfect time to stock up. For me, the Pink Grapefruit scent is so refreshing and helps me feel beautiful each day. If you haven’t tried the foaming scrub I highly recommend it for feeling ready to take on  your day. I mean who doesn’t love clear, sweet smelling skin?!

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Scrub

Knowing that I’m also able to help support a cause so near to me, even in these small ways, feels great. I hope you’ll join us and add the pretty pink products to your Rite Aid cart! Together, as women, we can come together and fight this with our #PinkPower! We can’t wait to see how you wear your #RiteAidBeauty!

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