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Four Festive Pumpkin Drinks to Try

Pumpkin Drinks

Do you live for pumpkin spice latte season the way this girl does? Well, as much as I LOVE the PSL (and that’s a LOT)…there are plenty of other pumpkin flavored drinks out there that deserve our attention. Hey, the holiday season is coming and once it hits, it’s peppermint mocha time for moi. Bwah! So, I plan on getting in all the pumpkin noshing (and drinking) that I can through November. And I’m not just talking about coffee drinks. There are a bevy of oh so tasty recipes that fall into the pumpkin drinks category…From libations to smoothies, this pumpkin drinks roundup has your fall sipping needs covered!

pumpkin drinks

Boozy Pumpkin Shake…Let’s start with an adult beverage shall we? This boozy pumpkin shake is the kinda treat you should serve up to your honey after the kids nod off post trick or treating. It would make great date night in fare too. A mugful of this delightful concoction should have your honey smiling! It’s so decadently delicious. You won’t be disappointed!

boozy pumpkin shake

Pumpkin Smoothie…No wouldn’t you like to kick off your day with a smoothie this pretty? And being that you can find it on Paleo Scaleo, you don’t have to worry about it being loaded with extra sugar! Hey, that’s what a treat is for, not your daily breakfast! Canned pumpkin is actually a perfect smoothie ingredient. It’s already the right texture and blends beautifully!

pumpkin smoothie

Pumpkin Pie Mocktail…I’m obviously a fan of cocktails, but I don’t want to leave the little ones out. As much as I love seasonal flavors, so do my kids! In fact, my husband made a pumpkin pasta sauce the other day that they just gobbled up. So, I’m certain that this pumpkin pie mocktail from 3 Boys and a Dog would be right up their alley. Plus, it has pie in its name. I mean, that sold me. Haha!

pumpkin mocktail

Pumpkin Shrubs…Have ever heard of shrubs? I hadn’t heard of this drinking vinegar either until A Cookie Named Desire shared it with us. Now you could sip on this spicy concoction on its own, but you could also make it a cocktail by adding bourbon or vodka perhaps. You can see where my mind is going. Mama never passes up a reason to whip up a new drink!

pumpkin shrubs

So, who’s ready to get in the kitchen and their hand these pumpkin drinks? I’m raising both hands over here! And for even more pumpkin flavor action, check out some of our best pumpkin recipes HERE!

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