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Halloween Treat Bags

For today’s quick and easy Halloween project, I made these super simple DIY Halloween treat bags. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been on a holiday craft kick as of late. What can I say? I love quick and easy projects that make it look like I’ve spent more time on them than I actually have. Haha! And that’s just what these Halloween treat bags do. They add an extra detail to, otherwise ordinary, Halloween treats. I have some kiddos in my neighborhood who I especially adore and this is just my way of giving them a little extra something when they come around my neck o’ the woods for their trick-or-treating.

Halloween treat bags

First I found some basic small paper bags at Michaels. You’ll be able to find them at any craft or grocery store.

Halloween treat bags

Next, using the same craft paint from yesterday’s candy jar project and some fun Martha Stewart holiday stencils, I painted bats, Jack-o-lanterns and black cats on the bags. See? I told you it was easy! You could recreate these DIY Halloween treat bags with any Halloween themed stencils that you like. In fact, this concept would work for any holiday or party where you would be handing out treats!

Halloween treat bags

After I painted my DIY Halloween treat bags,  I made sure to fill them up with delicious candy and of course sneak in a fake eyeball or two.  I mean what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t try and freak my neighbor’s kids out while they’re eating candy?! Now don’t you wish I was your neighbor?

Halloween treat bags

This was such a simple little activity that will make the night a little more fun when those little ones ring our doorbell this year. That’s assuming I don’t jump out of the bushes and scare them away first…Bwah! I jest of course. Or do I? Hahaha! That was my scariest Halloween worthy cackle in case you couldn’t tell.

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