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How to Take Care of Your Credit So You Can Enjoy Family Time

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Once upon a time I was a carefree twenty-something who didn’t really give a second thought to things like my credit score. If someone had asked me how to take care of your credit, I wouldn’t have had a clue. That was until I went to go buy my first car on my own and they pulled my credit. And then the ball dropped. The loan officer was concerned about all the high balance credit cards I had. Wait a minute, I said. I don’t have any high balance credit cards. Well, according to my credit report I had a whole slew of them. Someone had opened them in my name and had, in fact, been using them for years. I felt so violated. The thought of a person, or people, I didn’t know using my personal information as they saw fit was just plain scary.

Luckily, I was able to get them removed after a ton of phone calls and paperwork, but it sure was time intensive. That is time I definitely wouldn’t have now that I’m a busy mom. And, frankly I shouldn’t have had to spend the time I did back then. I only wish I had known about Lexington Law Firm. Perhaps the process wouldn’t have been quite as painful had I been working with them. They’re the oldest and most respected name in credit repair. They have the legal experience and technology to advocate and drive results for the consumers who use them.  Plus, they have a long-standing relationships with Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, all three credit bureaus. 

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How to Fix Credit Errors With Lexington Law Firm

At least I have the opportunity to share how Lexington Law Firm can help with credit repair now. Maybe I can save someone all the pain and time I had to put into rectifying my stolen identity issues. Because I can only imagine how much worse that would be for me now that I have a family. Imagine being bogged down by credit issues not being able to enjoy family fun like pool time, birthday parties and the like. The time with our kids is so fleeting, the thought of credit issues cutting into that does not for a happy mama make. As parents, we have enough going on to stress about. Getting our kids through school. Nursing them through boo boos, then broken hearts. And birthday parties, don’t get me started on birthday parties. Those cupcakes don’t make themselves. Haha!

Credit problems are the last things we should be worrying about! Each year millions of Americans are denied loans for homes and cars thanks to errors on their credit reports. These errors can often take four months to correct. You don’t want to find out that there’s a mistake in there when you’re trying to make a major purchase for your family. With the credit repair industry growing as much as it has in recent years, consumers have been inundated with fact vs. fiction information. We all need to be educated on how errors can and need to be fixed, so we can live our best lives and appreciate every wonderful moment we have with our family! It’s party time y’all!

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So, if you too have been a victim of identity theft or have found some issues on your credit report that you’d like to clear up, Lexington Law Firm is there to help. Now that you know how to take care of your credit, I see happy times on the horizon!

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