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Must-Have Summer Pool Floats Fun

This post was sponsored by SwimWays as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

little girl in green swimsuit floating on blue pool float

I have never been more grateful for my pool than I have been in the the past few months. Our backyard oasis has been a much needed respite from the realities of our world as we currently know it. And you know pool floats are a big part of our backyard fun supplies must-haves right? 

Being that we live in Florida, we’ve been living in our pool since basically February, so last year’s floats have long come and gone. And if I have learned anything about pool ownership, it’s that if you don’t go for quality when purchasing pool floats, you are lucky to get one summer from them. And that’s being generous!

The Best Pool Floats Around

swimways spring floats the original spring float on lounge chair with navy and white pillows

little girl in green swimsuit floating on blue spring float in pool

So, imagine my delight when SwimWays Spring Floats sent us The Original Spring Float. This is the kind of float both the kids and their parents can have fun with! I actually have one for each of us, so there’s no quarreling. Haha!

A float this comfortable is bound to be popular. Seriously…If you crave comfort and serenity, you need to check out The Original Spring Float. I can tell you that when I’m in the water, I don’t want to attempt to stay afloat in a child sized raft. Bwah!

Thankfully this float delivers. It’s a hammock style float that features durable fabric-covered inflation and a soft cooling mesh bed that cradles your body just below the surface of the water, keeping you cool on hot summer days. And I’m sure you know how HOT it gets in Florida.

That’s why having a pool is so clutch in the summertime. You know how much kids need to be active during the day to get their wiggles out and with the temps creeping past ninety most days, being in the water is the only option for extended outside time.

little girl relaxing with arms behind her head wearing green swimsuit floating in blue pool float

blue pool float floating in pool with little girl in green swimsuit

We all love to simply lie back and relax on The Original Spring Float’s oversized pillow! Then all we need now is an ice cold beverage to complete the summer pool fun experience. Ahhh bliss!

Now the fun doesn’t have to end there….Sure SwimWays Spring Floats is all about comfort, but they’re all about fun too! 

Just take a look at this Huggables panda float. Is it cute or what?! It comes in a sloth version that we really want too! The kids immediately staked claims to it. Don’t tell them I have two. Haha! A backup is always a good idea when it comes to pool floats. Just sayin’!

little girl in green swimsuit on pool float

little girl on panda float wearing green swimsuit

Outside Summer Fun Ideas

So, as we all look ahead to spending more time at home this summer, investing in some supplies to make your pool time even more fun is an excellent idea in my book. 

And SwimWays Spring Floats is here to help! Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in pool floats!

You can bet I’ll be picking up some more because I see a summer spent in the pool even more so than usual this year!

I also included some more summer treat ideas below…No pool day is complete without some form of frozen treat right?!

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