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Wine Tasting with Noble Vines White Wine

bottles of white wine on pink print tablecloth

Read on to see how I like to enjoy Noble Vines white wine…

I love a nice glass of wine. I mean duh. It feels kind of silly to write that since I would say that’s a true statement for most of us! But I REALLY love a nice glass of wine right now. Life definitely isn’t easy. So, when I can get the kids off the bed at a decent hour, kick back and let Neflix take me away while I’m sipping on vino, I’m a happy girl.

Now, I typically I change up my preference for red or white along with the weather or what I’m eating, but lately I’ve been in full on white wine mode. It’s probably because it’s spring and summer is knocking on the door. I tend to want my beverages to be nice and cool this time of year.

What to Pair with Noble Vines White Wine

A nice glass of chilled white wine on a warm spring or summer day is just so relaxing! Sign me up for all the relaxation I can get. Who know staying home more could be so stressful?! On that note, I’ve been keeping my favorite bottles of wine on hand like Noble Vines Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. They’re delightfully refreshing! 

Noble Vines White Wines on white and pink tablecloth

Both of these whites have made the Best Buy status for several lists due to their great taste and affordability. And they retail under $15 at most locations. Score! That means you can load up on more than one bottle. 

The Chardonnay has a great citrus flavor to it with that classic buttery finish that makes chardonnay so popular. It is perfect for cheese plates al fresco! One thing our family has been doing a lot of is eating outside these days.

glass of Noble Vines white wine and bbq pork sandwich

Meanwhile, the Sauvignon Blanc is crisp and refreshing. It has hints of melon and lime and is similar to several New Zealand wines due to the location and weather of the vineyard in Monterey, CA. I’m a total “Sauv Blanc” fan and would consider it my top white wine of choice. I really thought this was such a great affordable option!

bottle of Noble Vines sauvignon blanc on pink and white tablecloth

So, what should we pair with Noble Vines white wine? I’m always looking for fun ways to pair up my wines and decided nothing feels more summery than BBQ pulled pork. Sure, it would go with much more chic and fancy meals as well, but I have Southern roots and this is more indicative of what I’ll be serving up all summer long. And with all those fruity aromas, fruit salad or berries always make a nice side dish!

glass of white wine and bbq pork sandwich and strawberries on white plate

More Adult Beverages Ideas

So, keep an eye out for Noble Vines white wines when you’re making your supplies run and let us know what you think! And if you have any other fun pairings you’re serving up drop a comment. I’m always up to hear about new ways to enjoy old favorites. Cheers my friends!

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Disclosure: We were provided samples for the purposes of this review.

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