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Summery Delight: Peach Cobbler

Nothing tastes quite like a summer peach.  So fresh and juicy, I just love them!  On Sunday night I was feeling a bit old school and decided to try my hand at peach cobbler.  I found a recipe online and began to get to work.

Yes, it took this much butter, eek!

And lots of peeling and slicing of fresh peaches.

But overall it was really easy to bake.  Literally it took about 30 minutes of kitchen time before it went into the oven.

The end result was a homestyle dessert that looked a little like this…yum!

Overall it was a hit.  That said I would definitely tweak the recipe I used.  Next time I plan on using double the peaches since it came out a little thin for my tastes.  To much crust, not enough fruit.  Also, I think adding in some blueberries would be a nice addition.  As soon as I’ve tweaked and perfected it, I will be sure to share the details!  But that begs the question.  Do any of you have sure fire tricks of the trade or recipes you use for making cobbler?  Anything I should know for round two?


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