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Salted Caramel Apple Bars

This salted caramel apple bars recipe will make you want to get in the kitchen to bake right away. It would be delicious as a Thanksgiving dessert or fall treat at any gathering. With Thanksgiving coming up in a little over a month, I'm in full on recipe collecting mode. Thanksgiving signals the ... READ the POST

Fall Snack, Fancy Apple Slices

No matter what age they are, kids have a pretty long day when they are in school. Focusing, paying attention and doing all the things that are required of them at school is a lot. Whether they're in pre-school or high school, most children are typically completely spent by the end of their school ... READ the POST

Caramel Apple Pie Crescents Recipe

Ok, we've talked about some of my favorite cranberry recipes, but there are so many more fall flavors that I obsess over! There is pumpkin spice, of course, but I also can't get enough of apple anything, caramel apple to be exact! And that is why I am going to to share a caramel apple pie crescents ... READ the POST

Four Fall Drinks to Try

I know that the first official day of fall isn't until later in the month, but I've been in full blown fall mode around here for a few weeks. Having the kids go back to school in early August will do that you. And while I've definitely been focused on my fall wardrobe, I've also been bringing out ... READ the POST

Easy Apple Snack with Nutella

Who doesn't love a good snack? I sure do and I swear my kids would prefer to eat snacks all day instead of meals. Something we constantly work on. I just now serve them "snack plates" for dinner to mind trick them. I'm clearly winning at this whole parenting thing. Afternoon snack time though is ... READ the POST

5 Halloween Cocktails

It's nearly Halloween and this is THE weekend to be hosting parties and going out to celebrate. Even if you are having a kid-friendly affair its fun to go all out with your food and drinks. Let's get our Hocus Pocus on! One of the easiest ways I think you can instantly set the tone of a party is ... READ the POST