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Children’s Thanksgiving Books You Can Amazon Prime

Children's Thanksgiving Books

With Thanksgiving approaching next week, we are realizing more and more how hard it is to teach gratefulness and being thankful to our kids. Sure, these are qualities that we work to emphasize all year round, but with the Christmas holiday advertising starting earlier than ever Thanksgiving can feel a little lost in the shuffle. Even the story of the first Thanksgiving can feel like a long lost memory when we are looking at tree lightings and cocoa. Reading is a great way to get these types of conversations started with children. I find it...

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How to Save at CVS and Our Thanksgiving Road Trip Kit

Thanksgiving Road Trip Kit

Most of us love to save money whenever we can. I know I do! And sure, I aspire to be one of those organized women with all the coupons ready to go in a neat little binder, the reality is that often I’m popping into a store in between school and activities with wild kids running amuck. The sight is just not pretty my friends. Which is why I did a happy dance when I discovered two ways CVS has my back and is saving me money.   How to Save Money At CVS I’ve mentioned my love...

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Three Thanksgiving Treats for Kids

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. And while I'm SO tempted to bring out my holiday decorations NOW, I'm really trying to stay in the moment this year and give Thanksgiving the attention it's due. I have so much to be thankful for from my family, to our health and even our new home, so while I might typically start the holiday baking and crafting fun early, I've decided to focus on more Thanksgiving projects with the kiddos this November. In fact, I think we'll even start working on...

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What to Wear to Thanksgiving

What to wear on Thanksgiving

Wether you're hosting or going to a Thanksgiving dinner, knowing what to wear can be confusing. It used to be that everyone would really dress-up for the holiday. But now most people tend to be pretty casual and comfortable. Gotta leave ample room for that turkey and pumpkin pie! But feeling cozy and comfortable at Thanksgiving doesn't have to look sloppy. Here's my take on what to wear to Thanksgiving that will keep you sitting pretty all day long. No jeans unbuttoning necessary. In general, leggings are a great outfit base for a holiday that will involve a...

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How to Keep the Kids Busy at the Airport


Thanksgiving travel is widely considered the busiest time of year to fly. With all those crowds, lines and delays keeping the kids entertained is HARD! It can be completely nerve-wracking for parents. I should know, I've done my fair share of flights with kiddos alone! Don’t stress yourself out trying to walk through the airport with fussy kids on top of everything else that you’re trying to deal with. Here is how you keep the kids busy at the airport. Pack Snacks Remember to pack a lot of snacks. I often try to find a treat or...

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Thankful Jar

Thankful Jar Supplies

Now that the Halloween festivities are behind me, I’m excited to shift focus to Thanksgiving. Part of this year’s Thanksgiving projects around our home is the “Thankful Jar”. Jake is about to turn 4 and I’m finding that as we near this milestone we are able to have more in depth conversations with him. I want to raise a child with a grateful heart. But it's a challenge in a lifestyle where we are fortunate to give him everything he needs and then some. From swim lessons to clothing, his every need is...

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