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Three Tasty Valentine’s Day Treats

I know it’s another month until Valentine’s Day, but this holiday loving girl needs something new to focus on. And much like Christmas, I start celebrating heart day a wee bit early. Why wait until the holiday is nearly upon us before we start having all kinds of fun with it? So, I thought I would share a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day treats for those of you who are jonesin’ for a little early celebrating too! You can bet my family can expect some pre Valentine’s Day treats and surprises in the very near future…


Strawberries and creme cookies…Pink is just as big a hit with me on Valentine’s Day as red is and these pretty in pink cookies would be just lovely to serve at any heart day festivities. Did I mention that they taste as good as they look?! If you have a little extra time, they’re totally worth all that baking prep! You’ll be hooked after the first bite. Just sayin’!

heart brownies

Conversation heart brownies…Now as much as I love baking, I don’t always have the time in my day to go the from scratch route. So, boxed mixes definitely make an appearance in my house. That being said, like with everything, I like to make whatever I’m serving extra special and candy conversation hearts do just that for these brownies!

Valentine's Day treats

Decorate store bought treats…Ok, this one is less recipe and more of a decorating idea. There’s no shame in picking up store bought goodies when you’re short on time, or anytime really. And you can totally personalize them with a little adornment. Check out our easy tips for how to dress up ready-made Valentine’s Day treats!

And for more Valentine’s Day fun, check out our most popular Valentine’s Day photo ideas!

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  1. Tina says

    I love making treats for Valentine’s Day. These ideas are super cute! I love how you added some personalization to store bought treats. Perfect for the last minute party or play date.

  2. Jennifer says

    Okay, I am absolutely drooling over those strawberry and cream cookies. Two of my absolute favorite flavors combined into one. I am thinking those brownies need to make an appearance in my kitchen!

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