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Time Flies….

Easter 2014

I’ve recently been sorting through and creating a filing system for all our family photos. Its not an easy task when you are married to a photographer who loves the rapid fire feature on his camera. But in the process I stumbled upon these Easter photos from last year. You know when something just strikes you straight to the heart? That’s what these did. I had forgotten about last year’s Easter. To be fair its typically a pretty quiet holiday at our house. But wow so much has changed in a year. Jake looks so little to me. I remember this day being unexpectedly chilly and having to forgo the planned outfit for this more fall look. He literally looks like he’s holding an egg in October and it makes me laugh. This day was also special because I was super nauseous. That’s right, I was sick as a dog and loving it. I had recently found out that I was pregnant and was telling Ashley at brunch. Such a fun moment after so many months of hoping!

Easter 2014

Easter 2014

This Easter is also set to be a quiet event. There will be eggs, candy and mimosas and now with two little boys instead of one. It makes me so happy and I plan on soaking it in. I now really understand just how fast time flies and next year at this time I will be marveling at their smallness and hopefully at better coordinated outfits.

Happy weekend lovelies no matter what or how you are celebrating!


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