Why Hiking is Good for Your Marriage

Today we’re going to talk about why hiking is good for your marriage. Who else could really use a getaway alone with their spouse? We all could right? Taking time for ourselves has always been a priority in our marriage.

That being said, it’s not exactly possible to plan those parents only trips right now. Most of us are in a holding pattern when it comes to travel. I’m sure you can relate. Even if you don’t have a sans kids trip on the books, that’s ok. I’m going to talk to you today about an activity that will feel like a mini getaway.

You see, the hubs and I have been hiking together for a good decade or so. It’s long been one of our favorite activities. Having not been overly outdoorsy growing up, I would never have guessed that I would one day plan vacations around hiking spots. But here we are. And it all started in the Blue Ridge Mountains…

couple hiking

north georgia

tallulah gorge

My family has a vacation home in North Georgia and when we started going there together we discovered Tallulah Gorge State Park. With a breaktaking 1,000 foot drop to the floor, this canyon is something to truly behold as are the Tallulah Falls. Who doesn’t love a waterfall? And there are plenty of good trails that take you both down into the gorge or up above it. I definitely appreciate it when a hiking location offers trails at various levels.

My bad knees can make some trails tricky and if you’re bringing kids you don’t want to take little ones on anything too difficult. Whining spoils the hiking high. Just sayin’. We actually do take our kids to Tallulah quite a bit, but we also love to visit without them. They probably prefer it that way being that they get to stay at Camp Mimi. Their grandmother is apparently much more fun than us. Haha! Hey, when you can leave the kids with family to enjoy a nice date in the woods, I highly recommend you take advantage of it!

Why Hiking is Good

I mean if after over thirteen years together, hiking is still a magical cure for whatever is ailing our marriage, you know it works. When we’ve been bickering thanks to the stressors everyday life piles on, a couple hours in the great outdoors does wonders.

Not only are we getting some physical activity which releases those magical endorphins, but it’s pretty hard to be cranky when you’re in the presence of such beauty. Each and every hike truly does feel like that mini getaway I mentioned.

In fact, on one of our recent hikes there we made it to the top of the mountain where there was a strategically placed bench. Well, we sat snuggled up on that bench in complete, blissful silence for I don’t know how long. It was simply perfect.

We didn’t need to talk. We were just happy to be with each other. And when you’ve been married for nearly twelve years, had two kids, a slew of pets and countless responsibilities, sometimes you forget to enjoy each other. You got married for what I assume was a reason. Don’t ever forget that!

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hiking for fitness

taking a break

hiking in the blue ridge mountains

Plus, we’ve found that we’re both more pleasant people when we’re active. So, doing something physical together has always been like a shot of happiness. That, my friends, is why hiking is good for your marriage. Unless you’re on a busy trail, it’s just you, your honey and seemingly unlimited quiet beauty.

And it’s a spectacular way to unplug too. Screen time takes you away from each other. Being that we both do it so much for our jobs, it feels wonderful to put the devices away for a few hours. Except for the camera of course. Those no shame in capturing some cute shots!

More Hiking Tips

Now don’t get me wrong. Are we tackling the Appalachian Trail anytime soon? Nope. I like my hikes to clock in under five hours. Plus, the kids might wonder if we were gone for months. Bwah! You don’t have to be hard core to appreciate all the benefits hiking has to offer! And hopefully my words have served as a bit of inspiration to get you out there on the trail.

And now that you’ve seen why hiking is good for your marriage, I highly suggest you look into Black Rock Mountain too. The views are worth the effort! It’s one of the most challenging, yet rewarding hikes that I’ve done in North Georgia. And when you’re done, you can make your way down our things to do in North Georgia with kids list too! We have to hang out with the kids sometime right? HA!

why hiking is good for your marriage

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