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A TV Show Dog Owners Will Love: The Pack on Amazon Prime Video


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brown haired woman playing ball with an apricot goldendoodle

Read on to see why The Pack on Amazon Prime Video is a tv show dog owners will love!

This is Scottie Grace. You’ve probably seen her on my Instagram. I’ve shared her adorable face a time or ten. What can I say? That mug is so stinkin’ cute it begs to be featured! HAHA!

There is nothing quite like the bond you have with your pet is there? Full disclosure, my dog chose my husband as her person even though I chose her. Typical. Bwah! 

I mean I love him too, so I get it. That being said, she’s still pretty darn sweet to me and the kids. And she is simply the best walking buddy EVER! 

I think she gravitates toward my honey so much because he, along with my step-dad, will play endless hours of ball with her. 

How to Bond with Your Dog

brown haired woman holding blue ball over apricot goldendoodle

brown haired woman playing tug of war with apricot goldendoodle

apricot goldendoodle chewing on red rope toy

brown haired woman holding apricot goldendoodle

So, in an effort to ingratiate myself to my dog a bit, I decided that I need to get outside with the toys some more. As luck with have it, The Pack on Amazon Prime Video is debuting tomorrow, November 2oth, and they sent me a bunch of goodies for Scottie and I to celebrate with. 

I’m talking balls, bubbles, chew toys, you name it! This fun filled box is any doggy’s dream! As you can see, we had a blast with all those toys and totally wore ourselves out. I may need to ice my throwing arm tomorrow, but it was worth it. 

You know dogs can smile right? Her smile was HUGE after all that play time! On that note, I think we’ll take it easy tomorrow and watch The Pack on Amazon Prime! So, what is this new show you ask? Well, it’s a show dog owners will LOVE I’ll tell you that much.

When and Where to Watch The Pack

blue the pack box with man with blue mohawk and white dog with blue mohawk

apricot goldendoodle sitting in grass with orange ball

This new global unscripted series is all about the bond between us humans and our furry canine friends. It’s hosted by Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn and her doggy co-host Lucy!

You’ll see twelve teams of  dogs and their favorite humans embark on an epic adventure that spans multiple continents. And there are stakes people…big stakes!

The winning team will win $750,000 for themselves and and a charity. That means $500,000 goes to the winners and an additional $250,000 prize amount goes to the animal charity of their choice.

In order to win, each human/canine team will need to hone in on each another’s strengths and weaknesses and prove that THEY have the  strongest bond in the pack.

And it gets even better…The Pack actually donated $250,000 during filming of the show to multiple charities and animal rescue organizations in each country they filmed in. They chose to paid it forward to dogs and those who love them all around the world!

Why You Should Watch The Pack with Your Dog

dog toys and blue the pack box on grass

Frankly, that healthy dose of goodwill is enough to make me want to tune in tomorrow! But add in a slew of cutie patootie dogs and I’m SOLD, plain and simple! 

And maybe my own precious pup and I can further strengthen our bond when we watch The Pack together. Because you know what Scottie Grace loves almost as much as playing ball with her daddy? Watching other dogs on tv. Haha!

So, who else is ready to watch The Pack on Amazon Prime Video November 20th?! I knew you would be!

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