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#FailFix Total Makeover Dolls: The Ultimate Holiday Gift

Read on to see why I think #FailFix Total Makeover Dolls make the ultimate holiday gift for kids!

little girl in pastel tie dye shirt brushing blond doll's hair

If you know my daughter, you know how much she loves getting all dolled up. That means playing dress up, hair salon, spa day…you name it, she loves it!

So, when I was introduced to the brand new #FailFix Total Makeover Dolls from Moose Toys, I knew they would be a HUGE hit with her.

I think her affinity for style and all that comes with it is partly due to being a dancer. When she’s on stage she absolutely shines and I think she takes that passion for playing all kinds of characters into her real life!

#FailFix toys allow kiddos to give their dolls a “makeover.” I mean who doesn’t love a nice makeover? I certainly could use one right now. It’s been all athleisure all the time around here. BWAH!

And don’t get me started on my bad hair days. Mom bun for life! Haha! I’m living for the days of blowouts and manis again, but in the meantime, I can play makeover with my little lady!

Hot Holiday Dolls

pink and blue #FailFix doll box

little girl with brown hair brushing blond doll with pink face mask

dying doll hair with pink and blue hair dye

little girl in pastel tie dye outfit brushing pink and blue doll hair

pink and blue 2dreami failfix doll

Frankly, I love that these hot holiday dolls embrace realness and that the brand recognizes that makeovers aren’t about being perfect or adhering to certain standards. They’re all about trying something new!

We’re all our own people and for some of us the mom bun is a perfectly acceptable hairstyle, right? These dolls are all about having FUN and not taking life too seriously.

And fun she definitely has with her #Failfix dolls! I love how she gave her dolls two very different hairstyles that seemed to fit them perfectly. And when they’re ready for a change, she can give them whole new looks. You know how much us girls love our options!

I can relate to wanting to switch up my look based on my mood. Today, it’s moody and cool outside, so sweatpants, slippers and that bun I keep talking about are on full display.

My baby girl is in the same boat, all decked out in her own loungewear, although her set is a fabulous tie-dye look that I would totally wear myself. Just sayin’.

The point is, #FailFix Total Makeover Dolls allow kids to get creative and embrace the imperfection of life. Today, it’s a robe and a face mask; tomorrow, it’s a glamorous gown and glittery eyeshadow!

Ultimate Holiday Gifts

pink and blue #failfix total makeover dolls box

little girl in blue and yellow top brushing doll with long brown hair

putting pink face mask on black failfix doll

putting brown and pink doll hair in ponytail

dance failfix sitting in flocked tree

So, if you’re looking for the ultimate holiday gift for little ones who are all about styling, hair, makeup and the like, look no further than #FailFix!

Thanks to the magic spa mask, hair tool and styling accessories, your little one’s doll is in for a head to toe transformation that includes an exciting fashion reveal!

My daughter currently has two #FailFix dolls, @2Dreami and @Dance.Stylz. And they couldn’t be more perfect for her!

@Dance.Stylz was a no brainer obviously. Her fabulous hair and sporty, super stylish vibe — it’s all so my daughter!

And @2Dreami actually allows you to color her hair! It basically turns out the colors of cotton candy which is my little girl’s VERY favorite treat. So, that was clearly meant to be. AND she comes with a tool that helps you create a mermaid braid too.

Did I mention that this diverse line comes with several different ethnicities and body shapes? You can surely find a doll that will resonate with your individual child! How cool is that?!

But you don’t have to take my word for how fun and fabulous these dolls are! Toy Insider actually published a story that #FailFix was nominated and a Finalist for Toy of the Year in the Doll Category.

And don’t forget there are several other #FailFix Total Makeover Dolls available besides the ones you see here that would make the ultimate holiday gifts! Make sure you check out @Kawaii.Qtee, @PreppiPosh, @Loves.Glam and @SlayItDJ too! Like I said, I think they’re the ultimate holiday gift this year!

blue, white and red TOTY finalist seal

And for more holiday fun with kids, check out some of my go-to holiday treats for kids. They would be great to serve and enjoy while having a makeover sesh with your favorite #FailFix Total Makeover Dolls!

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