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3 Weekend Worthy Cocktails

We did it! Congratulations! Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. After all, it’s been no easy task to get through this week. I had a stomach bug and Kristin was traveling. I’d say getting through both of those things deserves a long distance clink of the ol’ glasses with weekend cocktails and we are raising our toast to you too lovelies!

Wether you made it through spring break with a visit from the in-laws, survived the horrible weather that struck a good deal of the country, or just endured one too many political conversations, we think we ALL deserve to unwind and say cheers. I’m feeling fancy so I thought I would make my hubby and I each a cocktail and cheese plate and let the kids run wild. Here are three recipes I think are perfect weekend cocktails.


1. Blackberry Moscowtini – A fun twist on the Moscow Mule, one sip of this cocktail against crushed ice will have you relaxed and ready for a few days of fun!
Fruity Moscow Mule

2. Fruity Moscow Mule – Not to be outdone, this simple fruit filled take on the Moscow Mule is really easy and tastes great!


3. Strawberry Orangetini – Man this cocktail makes me wish I had a big porch swing to curl up on and watch the cars go by. Sometimes it’s the simple things right? We don’t have one, but maybe I’ll just sit on the front step. Regardless, this is a tasty treat that uses gin and Grand Marnier. So delicious!

Of course you might want some appetizers to go with these lovely drinks, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too! This smoked salmon recipe is always a hit and just so easy to make. It will carry you right on up until the pizza delivery arrives, ha! Now that is definitely to shout FRI-YAY about!

Salmon Spread Recipe

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