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Zang Toi: A Party Atmosphere

zang toi

Another fabulous show that we were fortunate enough to attend during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was Zang Toi. As soon as we stepped into the Studio, the space it was being held in, we felt a different vibe from some of the other shows. Everyone seemed to be in an uber happy place. We noticed that Ramona Singer, from Real Housewives New York, and her daughter were in attendance as well as Jill Zarin’s daughter and her husband Bobby. We would learn why when the finale gown made its appearance. Jill Zarin was the model!

The instant the first model walked down the runway adorned with a sky high messy topknot, we knew this was going to be a drama filled show. From sumptuous fur collar trimmed capes, to extravagant gowns, each look oozed luxury. There were cheers and standing ovations galore as the crowd showed its appreciation for Zang’s designs over and over. It was pure pleasure to be there! And there was a Mr. B sighting as well. The beautiful Wendy Brandes and her hubs, Paul Steiger, glammed up the front row!

zang toi

zang toi

zang toi

zang toi

zang toi

zang toi

zang toi

zang toi


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  1. Carly says

    Jill Z looks beautiful….even though I was on team bethanny, she really does look incredible in that dress.
    what a “reality” star studded show..I bet it was fun!
    Super glam.

  2. Erika says

    I am in love with these dresses! The girly lace and ruffles are totally up my alley. And I need more hair to re-invent those top-knots. Obsessed with big hair.

    Hows FL weather?! Jealous…. 😉


  3. kristy says

    wow! ok first of all, excellent runway shots. this makes me so happy to see. i’ve seen runway photos from other bloggers that are just terrible and i find it very frustrating because it really brings down the esteem of bloggers when they don’t deliver good quality work. you ladies really brought it, these shots are wonderful.

    second of all, i ADORE these designs. the third photo down is absolutely perfect. i would wear that in a heart beat and feel like a million dollars. the second to last gown is unbelievable. i’ve been staring at it for five minutes.

    third of all, your write up is awesome. not only do you give a wonderful insight into what attending the show was like, you sound so happy and grateful to have been in attendance. i love your attitude!

    and finally, i got your comment on my blog about how you were at the same shows i was at and i’m so sad we didn’t get a chance to meet up. we need to remedy this! will you be at Milan Fashion Week? if not, we should organize something when for when i get back. we can do a blogger meet up with several other bloggers as well. going to go tweet to you now!

    • The BonBon Rose Girls says

      @kristy, You are so kind lady! You just made my camera investment worth it. HAHA! And we did feel very lucky to be able to attend each and every show that we did! If ONLY we were going to be in Milan. Le sigh. Someday….I would love to do a blogger meet up the next time we’re in town! xoox

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