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10 Must Have Kitchen Tools

Ten Kitchen Tools
I love to cook and having a well stocked kitchen makes all the difference when it comes to having a successful outcome. There is real pleasure is setting up the ideal kitchen and I’ve created many over the years. It is especially helpful to gather the kitchen tools when “guest” cheffing in a friend’s home – it becomes increasingly clear what are must haves and what they need!

So, here is a list of what I believe to be the 10 must have kitchen tools!

Immersion Blender – Yes, better than a blender for making soups, sauces and purees. It is easy to store, easy to pull out and use and super easy clean-up. What’s better? Blending right in the pan – no transferring of hot liquids into that counter top blender – no hot liquid explosions all over the kitchen! No mess, no fuss. And, it blends beautifully.

Zester – Most recipes today want to freshen a dish with a little citrus zest and this handy utensil makes the work so much easier than trying to peel and mince the citrus skin. Just a few simple swipes and there you go. It can be used for grating ginger and garlic, as well. Very handy indeed!

Strainer – A large one for pasta and a small handheld for straining everything from loose tea to simple syrups. Makes life ever so easy!

Vegetable Peeler – Sure, you can use a paring knife, but the peeler gets it done in a third of the time with a lot less waste. And, you are surely less likely to cut yourself! Which is a real plus. Highly recommend.

Good Sharp Knife – This is a must. We’ve all tried cutting all sorts of things with a bad, dull knife – argh! It can be nearly impossible to get things prepped. Invest in that one good knife and then be sure and take care of it. It will make all your cooking so much easier!!

Ladle – Trying to serve soups and sauces without one is just not pretty!!

Can Opener – There is always the pantry item needed and getting those goodies out of that can without this wonderful invention is beyond frustrating. No need for an electric one (which more often than not doesn’t work correctly) a sturdy hand version is all you really require.

Tongs – This is a great multi-tasking little gem. Can work for so many foods – pasta, hot dogs and sausages, chicken, meatballs, roasted veggies….you get the idea – it’s a handy little item!

Wooden Spoon – Timeless!

Spatula – For the few items those tongs can’t grasp!

So, these are my top 10 must have kitchen tools. What about you? We all have our must haves. I could certainly add to this, but think these are all items that every kitchen needs. Here’s to enjoying the art of cooking with ease!


  1. C.K. @ 50 Days of No Grey says

    Agree with pretty much all of your list. I use my immersion blender frequently and love my Oxo can opener. Tongs are used for so so many different things. I have a zester but rarely use it. Maybe I need to find some new recipes 😉

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