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Easter Basket Ideas for the Creative Kid

Do you have a super creative kid at home? This mama sure does! I swear my baby girl came out crafting practically from the womb. Bwah! She could simply sit and create for hours…which is amazing of course. The thing is, if I don’t have supplies on hand, she starts to get creative with anything and everything in her line of vision. So, I make it a point to keep the arts and crafts bin well stocked, as well as a file filled with ideas to keep her engaged. As I was adding another fun project to our must try pile, I got an idea. Wouldn’t it be fun if the Easter Bunny focused on my daughter’s favorite things this year? What if he didn’t just bring candy or the latest toy that’s all the rage. What if he really personalized her basket? Thus, my Easter basket ideas for the creative kid were born!

Easter basket contents

notebook and colored pencils

Let’s start with our Easter basket ideas basics. My budding artist would be happy with any form of paper or pencil. Just ask her daddy about his work notebook. It may or may not now have her name written all over it in sharpie. Bwah! To keep her artistic impulses from exploding all over things like our important documents and walls, we try to replenish her own supplies every now and again. On that note, I found some cute notebooks, stamps, sidewalk chalk and even lacing shapes to help her with her fine motor skills in the dollar section at Target. Score! I fully expect that some serious masterpieces will be comin’ at me very soon!

when god made you

Now another mainstay in our house is books. Reading is a daily activity for us and I’m certain it’s only fostered the creativity that’s been brewing in my daughter since the beginning. So, the kids always find a book or two in their baskets on Easter morning. And this year, the newly released When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion. Not only does it contain a beautiful message, but the imagery is incredible!

gabriela mcbride



american girl accessories

Those goodies alone would thrill any creative kid to no end I am certain, but if you really want to enhance the basket, an American Girl doll always makes for a wonderful addition. The American Girl of the Year Gabriela McBride is particularly perfect for my own tiny dancer. Not only does Gabriela love to dance, but she’s passionate about painting, music and all of the arts, just like my baby. You could also add her darling accessories set to the loot. It comes complete with a water bottle, energy bar, apple, hairbands and more! It’s basically everything a little dancer would need in her dance bag. And she comes with a book too of course. I not only love sharing these beautiful dolls with my daughter, but also their stories. Exposing her to strong characters that encompass the kind of qualities I want to foster in her is so important. I can only imagine all the creative imaginative play Gabriela and the rest of these Easter basket ideas are going to inspire!

Easter basket ideas

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  • jillian

    vi is getting (washable!) crayons and sidewalk chalk for her easter basket! that doll is cute too 🙂 xo jillian

    March 15, 2017 at 8:21 pm Reply

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