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Fun White Lace-Up Blouse, Not Your Basic White

Anyone else ready to have a little fun? It’s my birthday month and the weather has been pretty bearable so I’ve been feeling more lighthearted than ever. I tend to celebrate all month with friends and family. Basically it’s the perfect time to meet up for a cocktail or so. By February I’m ready to let go and laugh, even if we do still have another month of winter! I found this fun white lace-up blouse and decided that it was the prefect way to take a basic white top out for a little fun.

White Lace-Up Blouse

I really like wearing white tops. They are a crisp and classic feel. But making sure that they have some detail is important. I never want my basics to feel boring. And like the lace collared blouse I shared a few weeks ago, the tie detail of this back gives this basic white blouse a kick. It’s an unexpected little peek-a-boo but without any crazy fuss.

And speaking of not letting it get boring, these red jegging style pants just feel spunky! I, like everyone else on the planet, am loving the Marie Kondo mindset. As I’ve been going through my closet I’ve really been focusing on what to keep and what can go. After only wearing these a few times in the past few years I decided to take them out for a spin. I didn’t want to keep them if they fit didn’t feel right or I wasn’t loving it. Well I’m happy to report that they still spark joy! I’ll be keeping these in my rotation for a little while longer. And when the manicure matches it feels especially meant to be, ha! (see how I styled them with black)

And while I’ll be wearing all sorts of fun birthday looks, I loved this look for heading out for a fun lunch with a little bubbly.

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