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Mango Green Smoothie Recipe

This mango green smoothie recipe is a fresh great start to the day. It’s a simple green smoothie and I’ve often seen this combination of ingredients discussed as the “beginners green smoothie”. It has a sweetness to it that works for almost everyone and even my kids love it. Although we are admittedly a big smoothie household. I’ll always take my boys starting the day with such great nutrients as a win. It lets me stress less when dinnertime veggies get pushed around on their plates.

Mango Green Smoothie Recipe

Mango Green Smoothie Recipe

One of these reasons I love this mango green smoothie recipe is that you can make it with just a few key ingredients. It serves as a great base but feel free to add any other fruit and flavors to your heart’s content.

Recipe makes two large smoothies.

2 cups spinich
2 cups water
2 frozen bananas (I peel mine and freeze them in a plastic bag when they are turning slightly brown)
1 cup frozen mango
1 cup frozen pineapple


  1. First place the spinach and water in the blender and thoroughly blend.
  2. Next add the frozen fruit and again blend thoroughly.
  3. Pour, serve and sip!

Mango Green Smoothie Recipe

Tips For Making a Green Smoothie

While making a green smoothie like this one is pretty easy there are a few tips that green smoothie aficionados like to share.

First make sure that you always blend your leafy greens thoroughly first. It helps make sure that you don’t have any embarrassing smiles later in the day.

Also make sure to freeze your bananas. I mentioned it earlier but I basically always have a bag of frozen bananas on hand for smoothie making. Once a banana gets a little too ripe for eating into the bag it goes. Plus using frozen bananas makes sure it’s icy cold. Yum!

Here’s to a healthy start to the day!

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