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Metallic Birkenstocks Outfit Inspo

Come see how to style a metallic Birkenstocks outfit. If you buy one pair of Birkenstocks this season, the metallic Birks are always a solid bet!

So, if you know me in real life, you know that metallic Birkenstocks are kinda my JAM! My love affair with Birks has been going strong for over five years and I don’t see myself ever breaking up with them.

The comfort level is OUT of this world. And being that I’m a Florida girl, I’ve been rockin’ sandals with little to no support for most of the year for too many years.

Birkenstocks allow me to be kind to my feet while still making a cute statement. Ok, ok. I know some of you have very strong feelings about my go-to footwear.

Can I just ask you to try on a pair before you fully decide that you would NEVER wear them. The metallic Birkenstocks are darn cute in my opinion. And they’re so versatile, which is always a plus in my book!

metallic birkenstocks outfit

How to Wear Birkenstocks

In today’s featured look, I decided to pair my rose gold colored Birks (or metallic copper as they call it) with a super cute polka dot top, that I scored in a Stitch Fix box, and my FAVORITE CAbi traveler pants. They’re from a few seasons ago, so you can no longer find them, but I have the best friend ever and she tracked down a pair from her CAbi rep.

You see, I wore my other pair out so much, they’re no longer fit for public viewing. Hahaha! But I found you some similar military green pants that are just as cute! This is the kind of outfit that I turn to when I want to be slightly more dressed up than athleisure, but still fully comfortable.

casual mom outfit

polka dot top

metallic birkenstocks

More Casual Style Inspo

I mean, let’s face it, any day you wear Birkestocks is a pretty comfy day. And I’m not willing to be anything but comfy these days. Just sayin’.

I actually only bought three new pairs this year. That’s not too bad right? Haha! Much like my beloved Traveler pants, my metallic Birkenstocks from last year had seen better days, so I had to replace those.

I’m kind of regretting not getting two pairs in that color because I feel like I need a spare pair to trade off with since I wear them on the daily. 

I just might have to re buy the silver Gizehs too. Those and the Arizonas you see me in here are my absolute faves in terms of style and comfort. There’s no reason a girl can’t have both right?!

So, if you’ve been wondering if Birks were for you, wonder no more. Give metallic Birkenstocks a whirl and I daresay you won’t regret it! And for more casual style inspo, check out our take on the lake outfit

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