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My Favorite Comforting Gifts for Moms

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Mother's day gifts like crystal cocktail glasses, books, makeup palettes, a clear watch and clear glasses on gray and white bed

If you asked me what I want for Mother’s Day this year, I would say I just want to feel at ease. Comforting anything is the name of the game for me. I just want to snuggle up in my bed, shut out the rest of the world and simply relax. So, comforting gifts for moms are definitely on my mind…

I am sure I am not the only mom who feels that way, especially now. We could all use a healthy dose of R&R. We’ve been operating at heightened stress levels and if we don’t take a minute to decompress, we’ll only get more stressed. 

No mom should feel that way on her special day. All should be copacetic! And that, my friends, is why I’ve rounded up some of my favorite comforting gifts for Mom today. Sure, you can “innocently” leave this post up on the computer so your honey sees it…

But you could just as soon pick a little something up for yourself! You’ve been working hard mama. This whole keeping the house running while schooling your kids and keeping up with your own job too. Yeah, that’s HARD! 

So, sit back, kick your feet up and get ready to read about some comforting gifts for moms must-haves! I do believe you will walk away with at least one new idea or two…

woman wearing burgundy tank top holding red wine glass on gray and white bed

glasses, books, makeup palette, pink lip gloss, gold lash serum bottles, black make brushes, clear watch and clear glasses on white and gray bed

Gifts for Mom to Enjoy at Home

Casio G-SHOCK Watch…Ok, this first one is for the teenager in you. From the second I slipped this G-SHOCK wrist candy on I felt decades younger. Bwah! Plus, it’s so on trend. Clear accessories are still having a major moment.

And, let’s be a real. I’m a sucker for rose gold anything. So, the rose gold accents on this tough, yet feminine and versatile watch are right up my alley! This gorgeous women’s watch even has stopwatch and daily alarm features which is really helping me keep track of the school schedule. Just sayin’.

clear watch on white and gray marble tray

Cocktail Glasses from Replacements…At the end of a long day there is nothing I love more than curling up with a good book and a glass of wine. That being said…Mama’s clumsy. I am who I am. A girl can’t bring a glass of red to her bedroom in a flimsy glass. I need something sturdy!

So, I’ve elevated my cocktail glass situation thanks to these timeless bar glass designs from Replacements. Now I have glasses that are both chill out worthy AND party worthy! And, yes, I know I’m drinking wine out of a cocktail glass, but there are NO silly rules at my house. Now is not the time. Haha! My Champagne/Tall Sherbet Dynasty by Wedgwood glasses don’t mind. Trust me.

*Do you like what you see? Save 10% off orders $125+ with promo code MRBB10KS and 20% off orders $500+ with promo code MRVV20KS. (Valid thru 5/31/20 11:59pm PT.  Valid one time per household.  Offers cannot be used to purchase Rolex watches, gift cards, combined with other promotions, offers, or discounts, or redeemed on prior purchases or exchanges.)

crystal cocktail glasses on white marble tray on white and gray bedding

New Beach Reads for Moms

Drinking with Chickens: Free-Range Cocktails for the Happiest Hour by Kate E. Richards – Now does this sound like a book you need or what? We’ve been bringing back cocktail hour in this house and, thanks to this book, I have some tasty new drink ideas!

Seriously, this is the cocktail book you never knew you needed! And you’re going to love the gorgeous images of festive drinks and chickens. Who knew chickens could be so beautiful! 

red drinking with chickens book on gray an white bedding

Sunrise on Half Moon Bay by Robyn Carr from MIRA books: First, let me say, if you aren’t watching Virgin River yet…GET ON IT. On that note, this book is by the #1 New York Times bestselling author behind Netflix’s Virgin River and it is the kind of feel-good book that belongs on your nightstand! 

*Grab your copy at Barnes & Noble, Bookshop and Amazon.

blue and yellow sunrise on half moon bay book on white and gray bedding

Treat Yourself to a New Palette

Fold Out Face All-in-One Palette and Spin-On Lip Gloss from Woosh Beauty: Ok, so I’m not exactly leaving the house covered in makeup to do the supply run, BUT I am watching a ton of YouTube tutorials, so you can bet I’ll be date night ready when this is all over. Haha!

This all-in-one makeup palette has everything you need for a full face of makeup! I mean you get 4 eye shadows, 2 concealers, 2 contour powders, 2 blushes, 2 foundation powders, 1 highlighter and a 4-in-1
brush set. 

Did I mention the Woosh Beauty Spin-On Lipgloss? Say hello to my new go-to summer lip! Not only does the special rolling tip ensure even coverage across lips, but it’s the most gorgeous natural shade. It’s like the enhanced version of my lips’ natural pinkness. I’m in love!

*If you want your own, use code WOOSHWITHME to get 25% off.

makeup palette, pink lipgloss and black makeup brushes on white marble tray

makeup palette, pink lip gloss and black makeup brushes on white and gray tray

Lash-Fix It Kit from Grande Cosmetics: And while I’m spending all this time practicing my beauty skills, I’m also practicing self care. It’s time to work on those lashes! When the weather warms up I don’t like to wear as much makeup, so a swipe of lipgloss and mascara go a long way.

Enter your new favorite lash serum. With this lash kit you can moisturize your fringe with the leave-in lash conditioner. Your lashes deserve pampering as much as your man! AND this kit promotes the appearance of longer-looking lashes too!

gold lash serum bottles on gold box

Screen Time Saver

Hepburn Frames in Clear and Blue Light Blocking lenses from EyeBuyDirect: After I do my little beauty rituals I usually settle in with my phone or iPad for a little virtual shopping. Thank goodness for these blue light blocking glasses!

*Before you order your own, use code MOM25 for 25% off orders over $65, valid until Nov 1, 2020.

clear blue blocking glasses on brown glasses case on white marble tray

cocktail glasses, books, makeup palette, pink lip gloss, clear glasses and clear watch on white and gray bedding

More Mother’s Day Ideas

So, are you ready to pamper yourself for Mother’s Day now or what? And while you’re at it, why not enjoy a nice cookie sandwich and mimosa as well as these comforting gifts for moms? I included the recipes below. What can I say? I think you deserve more than one treat!

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