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Simple Money-Saving Home Renovation Tips

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Unless you build a home from scratch with your dream specs, you’re most likely going to want, and in some cases, need to update your home at some point. And regardless of your budget, you’re always going to have to make some compromises. Most of us can’t have it all as much as we would like to. That means, perhaps, using credit to pay for your home renovation, versus handing over a wad of cash. Haha!

And since, I’m in the middle of a slew of home projects myself, I thought I would share some simple money-saving home renovation tips with you today! Save those pennies to put into a 529 plan for your kiddo or to beef up the vacation funds! But you know what? All of those things are going to be pretty difficult to do if you don’t keep up with your credit. Seriously. If your credit score isn’t what it needs to be you can say goodbye to home equity lines of credit, large project financing, store credit cards, and anything else you may need to make your home renovation dreams a reality! And that brings me to my first tip…

off white and wood farmhouse table in dining room with dark wood floors and off white farmhouse chandelier

How to Save Money on Home Design Projects

1. Step one is to check your credit well before you want to start your new home project. Years ago, I had an issue with someone using my social security number to open up multiple accounts. Imagine if I still had that issue, I didn’t check my credit before I went to get a loan to redo my house? The whole process would be seriously delayed.

In fact, did you know that each year countless people are denied loans for homes and cars because of errors on their credit reports? And these errors can take an average of four months to correct. That’s a delay your home renovation doesn’t need! Luckily, there are services like Lexington Law Firm that can help get your credit where it needs to be!

Credit repair doesn’t have to be daunting if you don’t try to tackle it on your own! Since the credit repair industry has grown so much, there is a staggering amount of fact vs. fiction information. Lexington Law Firm wants their clients to be educated that errors could and if so need to be fixed. And it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to fix your credit either. Lexington Law Firm has packages that meet each of their client’s needs.

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modern farmhouse table with off white modern farmhouse chandelier and coastal painting

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More Money-Saving Tips

2. Shop local. There is certainly something to be said for online shopping. There is no shortage of deals to be found on the internet. But I’ve found that when it comes to important pieces for my home like a new painting or chandelier, I need to see it in person. Not only does touching and feeling it for myself cut down on the likelihood that I will return my purchase, but when shopping at a small local vendor, there is the opportunity for bundle deals. My favorite shops will often give me a discount for purchasing multiple pieces!

3. Tackle one space at a time. By concentrating on the combined kitchen and dining space, it was easier to keep track of the budget. Instead of picking things up here and there for the whole house, there was a very deliberate plan to update the lighting and artwork. Then we can move on to the next project!

off white distressed chandelier hanging over off white farmhouse table

How to Take Care of Your Credit

So, are you ready to start your own home renovation or design project STAT now that you’ve seen these simple money-saving home renovation tips? I knew you would be! Just please do me a favor and check your credit first to make sure there aren’t any costly errors on your report. And if there are, know that your credit score is not set in stone. You know you can count on Lexington Law Firm to help make the positive changes you need to see those home renovation dreams come true!

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