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Stress Free Dinners with Gobble

I used to love to make dinner. And then I had two rowdy boys. I still really love to cook but it has become way more of a challenge. I’m often trying to get dinner on the table before some sort of activity (tee ball has ruled our lives lately) and my husband is commuting home. I’m sure most of you are no stranger to the scene of trying to get a healthy, good quality meal together while kids run around you asking you questions and generally being loud and distracting. It’s that time of day when they are just bursting with energy and as cute as they may be, it makes any complicated dinner prep an incredible feat. So I was excited to try and create stress free dinners with Gobble, a dinner kit box service.

Easy dinners with Gobble

For those of you who haven’t given it a go, Gobble delivers fresh, quick, one-pan dinners that anyone can cook in less than 15 minutes, right to your doorstep. And here’s the really amazing part. There is no shopping or chopping required. This no prep part is crucial to me. I have loved other box dinner services but the chopping was time consuming and still hard to do as a family dinner.

Look how excited I am about my own Gobble delivery!

Stress Free Dinner with Gobble Stress Free Dinner with Gobble

The box contained everything I needed to create three healthy amazing meals and simple recipe cards. My kids loved helping me unpack and it was a great way to talk about the dinners we would eat that week.

Gobble Dinner Cards

First up we made the Brown Sugar Crusted King Salmon.

Salmon Dinner Recipe Card

I was shocked on so many levels. The time it took REALLY was just about 10 minutes! I made sure to read the recipe card twice and it was an easy dish that required very little prep. Jake and Max love to help in the kitchen and you can see how happy they were to sing for their dinner and get in on the action mashing up the avocado. Having a simple recipe to follow is also a good way of showing them how to follow step-by-step instructions without it getting too complicated for them.

Kids singing for their supper

I mean look at that photo! We made that!

I love that it looks and tastes like the high quality meal that I want my family to experience but yet it was so simple. I never would have thought to blend those flavors together in a meal and I was blown away by how it tasted.

Salmon Dinner 1

Gobble Dinner

Next up was the Blackened Prime Sirloin Steak.

Steak Dinner Recipe Card

Since we don’t get date night out nearly as often as we would like, I decided this was a perfect meal to first serve the kids and then later that night make into a nice meal for my husband and I. Our little pseudo date night. Again it was so fast and tasted sooooo good. This meal had all my favorite flavors and I would love to serve it over and over again. I mean mashed potatoes with poblano peppers and corn, YUM!

Having it on the table so quickly left more time for us to talk about our days and connect. Things have been so hectic and it felt like we gave ourselves a treat.

Gobble Date Night

Gobble Steak Dinner

Ok so more about this dinner service that has me 100% hooked! Gobble’s menus are tailored to your individual preferences and tastes, as well as family size. This is so helpful and honestly made my week run so much smoother. Simply visit to view the weekly dinner options and choose your preferred delivery day.

Gobble is currently only available on the West Coast, however, Gobble is expanding nationally this summer 2017! I can’t wait to sign up.

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Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Gobble via Momtrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Gobble or Momtrends


  1. Carrie Chance says

    Oh my, those look so super yummy! I swear I can smell it through the screen! I had never herd of gobble(although I’ve tried other subscription meal boxes) I’ll be watching to see when they make their way over here to the East coast!

  2. Ash says

    You had me at one pan!! As a working mom, this sounds like a life saver when it comes to saving on time. Can’t go wrong with stress free.

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