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Three Easy Backdrops for Fall Photos

If you’re like me and a little Pinterest obsessed, you’ve seen a ton of great family or kid fall photos. Sadly, we can’t all hire professional photographers for every season and holiday, tempting as it may be. But we can all have FABULOUS photos we take on our own! Some of the best fall photos don’t have a pumpkin in site and this close to Halloween pumpkin patches are looking…well a little patchy. Here are three ideas to bring a fall vibe to any photo. Just dress cute (i.e. scarf and fun boots always scream fall!) and grab a friend to help.

1. The Barn Backdrop. You see them on the side of the road ALL the time. As long as it’s located at a garden center, public farm, park or other public property grab a barn is perfect for bringing in pattern and a rustic vibe.
Easy Fall Photo

2. Corn Fields. Ours are looking a little brown these days but in many areas corn stalks are still going strong and definitely scream fall. Colorful trees also work in the same way.
Easy Fall Photo

3. The mum aisle at the garden center. It may seem hokey to take a camera to a garden center but why not? Rows of colorful mums are pretty and understated in the background and highlight this great time of year. I like to go right before closing on a Sunday (normally between 5-6pm) when the light streaming is golden and there aren’t too many onlookers.
Easy Fall Photo

So, those are my fall background suggestions. Where do you go for non-pumpkin fall inspiration?


  1. I always take photos in my town center, give me a brick sidewalk and I’m happy. Currently there are lots of great leaves on them and it’s quite pretty.

    But yeah, we’d all love to have a great photographer for every occasion!

  2. I love the barn backdrop / background also because it isn’t a busy background which I think works well for when your outfit is already busy. Infact I use a simple wall in our backyard most times 😉

    The garden center is a nice idea, I have to remember that one!

    Alex – Funky Jungle

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