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New Year’s Eve Cocktails

New Years Cocktails
This year I’m ringing in 2016 from the family room just my husband and I. Assuming the munchkins are asleep, and they better be! That doesn’t mean New Year’s Eve cocktails won’t be happening though.

I have big plans. Huge, ha! I plan on getting us a bountiful spread of sushi (yum!) and making a fun dessert and cocktail. Just these little gestures make the night feel special.

Its been quite the 2015 and we’ve had some of our greatest successes and hardest moments. It definitely deserves a toast and a nod to the year ahead.

Here are three drinks we’ve previously featured that I’m considering as our New Year’s Eve cocktails.

1. Peppermint Grapefruit Martini
Refreshing and sweet, this drink just feels special!

peppermint martini

2. Kissed Caramel Cran Martini
Perfect for kissing at midnight, I love this sweet drink with just a small dessert.


3. Apple Cider Mimosa
Refreshing and a great bubbly compliment for clinking glasses.


What New Year’s Eve cocktails will you be making this year? Do tell! Cheers lovelies!


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