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Easy DIY New Year’s Eve Party Hats

We’re always super sad to see the holidays end, so that’s why we love to make a BIG deal out of New Year’s Eve. It’s our last holiday hurrah! Since neither of us typically go out on NYE anymore now that the kiddos are here, we like to party hardy at home. That means good food, great drinks and party gear galore like funny hats.

Did you know that it’s pretty darn easy to make your own oh so fabulous party hats? Well, it is! And here’s how…You simply repurpose an old party hat by adding some card stock and, voila, you’re ready to welcome the new year!

repurposed party hat


White with silver polka dots glitter card stock
A old party hat (or the dollar store carries)
Larger silver glittered Pom-Pom ball
Hot glue gun


1. Open up your old party hat and remove the string
2. On the back of your card stock, trace your hat into the card stock
3. Cut your traced hat out

4. Now fold your new hat into a cone, and hot glut the ends together
5. Hot glue the glittered Pom-Pom onto the top of your hat
6. Now tie the ends of your elastic into a large knot (maybe 5 times on each side)

party hat
7. Cut a small hole on the bottom of each side of the hat

diy party hat
8. Slide your elastic knot on the inside on the hat on each side and add a dab of hot glue to make sure it holds

pom hat
9. And now repeat the process to make as many party hats as you need!

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