5 Tips to Help You Organize Your Car


Is your car messy? If you’re often in the car or have kids, it’s very likely that your car is less neat than it could be. You may think wistfully back on when you first got it and how bare everything was then. You can’t get your car completely empty again, but you can get it organized! If you want your car to be neater, you need these 5 Tips to Help You Organize Your Car!

Car Organization Tips

1. Use the Center Console and Glove Box Appropriately

Do you throw all sorts of random odds and ends into your car’s center console and glove box? If you want to organize your car, you need to clear those things out. The center console should hold necessities, like pens, a pack of tissues, money for tolls, etc. And the glove box should hold your registration, car’s manual, flashlight, bandages, and (obviously) gloves! Old food wrappers, receipts, small toys, etc. should be at home or in the garbage, not in your car’s compartments.

2. Use the Back of the Front Seats

Just as you can hang things on the back of doors in your home, you can also hang things off the back of the front seats in your car. One of the best things you could hang in your car would be a font seat organizer. These handy organizers connect to the head rests of your front seat, and can hold water, your phone, your laptop, and even colored pencils and coloring books to keep the kids entertained. These organizers can face into the front, for the driver to use, or into the back, for passengers. These are especially handy if your car is messy because your children are often leaving things on the back seat or floor. While you can buy these, you can also DIY some for your particular needs.

Organize Your Car the Easy Way

3. Use the Back Pockets

If you don’t want to buy a front seat organizer, that’s fine. You can still organize your car just by using the big pockets that are already on the back of the front seats. These pockets aren’t as compartmentalized as a seat organizer, so use them to mainly hold big items. They’re a great place to store umbrellas, water, and a magazine or book to help keep passengers from being bored on long rides.

4. Get a Car Visor Organizer

If you like to keep a lot of small things in your car, and are tempted to put them in the center console or glove box, you may like a visor organizer! They’re a great way to organize your car and keep necessary items nearby, but out of the way. These handy organizers are a great place to keep your sunglasses, lipstick, maps, and favorite CDs. You can also use them as an alternative to your center console and store pens and toll money in their zippered pockets instead.

5. Get a Car Garbage Bag

One of the best ways to organize your car is to get a car garbage bag. These are easy to make yourself, or you can buy a commercial one. Car garbage bags hang off the back of the front seat, or off the side of various compartments in your car. That way when you’re driving about, you and your family have an appropriate place to throw gum wrappers, scraps of paper, fast food wrappers, etc. They keep garbage off the floor and in bags that you can easily dump out when you get home, making your car instantly neater!

More Organization Ideas

How do you keep your car organized?

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