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Party Prep with Peapod

I quite like to think of myself as a, “hostess with the mostess”. You know, one of those amazing people who have parties that are wonderful and who look fabulous and calm while doing so? In my mind, that’s who I strive to be. The reality is me running around like wild, crazy person. I’m exhausted just trying to get it all shopped for, prepped and cleaned before the guests arrive.

December is a particularly hard month between all of the holidays and having both kids with December birthdays. I’m so sensitive to them having their special day, even among all of the other holiday parties and festivities. It can get a little party crazy here. So this was a perfect time to do a Peapod review and see just how it could save me time and stress before throwing a party.

Peapod Review(yes that’s me pretty light on the make-up doing my shopping from home!)

Peapod is a delivery service, using Giant groceries, that covers several states including the Maryland, Virginia, DC area. I’m in Annapolis, MD and the coverage is very widespread here.

To start I first made a quick list of what I needed for a Birthday/Holiday celebration for Max who was turning two.

I then logged on to, created a quick profile with my address and payment method, and simply started adding items to my cart. They were the same exact brands that I get when I shop at Giant so I felt so comfortable knowing exactly what I was getting. My list included holiday paper supplies, fresh fruit, drinks for all the parents and kids, cookie decorations and more.

Shopping with Peapod

Finally, after double checking I had everything on my list, I selected a delivery time. You could choose from so many convenient options starting the next day. I was a few days out so I had mine coming three days later at at time I knew I would be home. You can even write in notes such as what door you would prefer them coming too.

Peapod delivered right on time and I loved that there was a place on the slip to easily leave the delivery man a tip. I often don’t have cash or don’t want to have to go digging for a purse. When someone is waiting at the door in the cold weather, having it right there as an easy, safe option is great!

Paper Supplies

The thing I loved most about Peapod was that it really did save me so much energy and running around right before the party. All of the supplies were perfect and rather than dragging kids through a grocery store, I was able to focus my energy on party cleaning and prep.

Cheese Tray from Peapod Cheese Tray from Peapod Fruit Salad from Peapod Hershey Kisses from Peapod

You can see these guys had a blast cookie decorating and playing! Don’t you just love a full home right at the holidays?!

Kids Eating Cookies And of course our birthday boy was all smiles! Love this guy and can’t believe he is two. He is our dancing, smiling boy who just worships his big brother!Max on his Birthday

This process may have made me a Peapod convert. In addition to using it for my holiday and New Year’s Eve gatherings, I have started using it for my every day needs as well. I’m headed to Florida to help out a family member and it’s so comforting to know that I can still do the grocery shopping for my husband and children online so easily.

Have you tried Peapod? Let us know what you think!

Disclosure: We received compensation for this review. All opinions expressed are our own. 


  1. Tammilee says

    I really need this service to come to our area! I would use this all the time. Plus I now need a Hershey kiss after seeing the bowl of them.

  2. Tammilee says

    I really need this service to come to our area! I would use this all the time. Plus I now need a Hershey kiss after seeing the bowl of them. 🙂

  3. Mimi says

    Oh my gosh, this is definitely the way to go when you’re hosting a get together! I love how easy you made it sound. It’s the only way I’d be able to the hostess with the mostess around these parts! lol

  4. Reshama says

    I hadn’t heard of this service! thanks for sharing. I really haven’t tried any of the home delivery options yet, but am tempted given how efficient and stress free this can get. What is unique is also the tip service..this is definitely the first time i heard of tipping for home delivery. thanks for sharing , i might use this when they have it in my area.

  5. Amy Palumbo says

    Your photographs are amazing! They look like very professional great quality photos. I have heard of services delivering groceries to your house but not this one, it sounds very helpful!

  6. Carol says

    I really love this idea. Grocery shopping is such an effort with two young kids. I’ll definitely look into this service.

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