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Spring: The Gateway to New Beginnings

Today I’m participating in another exciting Full Time Fabulous event! If you haven’t visited Kristy Elena’s blog, you must head over there ASAP…but read my post first! Haha! This time around we’re focusing on spring. We were given the topic and told to run with it…So, this is me…running with it!

As winter ended and spring approached this year, I realized that it was time to get serious about my health. I had been sporadically exercising for the past couple of years and my diet was downright deplorable. As a mama, it’s my responsibility to stay as healthy as I possibly can. The dude deserves to have me around as long as possible. Thus, in February I decided that it was time for a lifestyle overhaul. I upped my workouts to at least 4 a week. I cut out fast food…for the most part. Haha. A girl’s gotta have Chipotle every now and again. And I made a point of trying not to internalize my stress.

In just a few short months I’ve seen the pounds melt off. I’ve had loads more energy. And I’ve found confidence in my figure that I haven’t had in years. It’s not as if I was an insecure adolescent, but it’s safe to say that short shorts haven’t graced my bod in many a moon. Now that I’ve taken charge of my health and am feeling so much better inside and out, I think it’s finally time that I embrace my stems and let go of my fear of showing them off. The look below is just the sort of thing I never would have worn before, but I’m now wondering if maybe, just maybe, I can pull it off! And I have a healthier outlook on life to thank for that. Has spring brought about any new beginnings for you lovelies?

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